Life Insurance – Are You Covered Yet?

Term Life Insurance a Good Idea

What is Life Insurance

Life insurance is a policy which is offered by the policy owner (usually an agency) and the insurer (the person purchasing policy). There are percentiles of the recipients’ portion of the heritage, the recipient is usually the next-of-kin of the insurer and they are called the beneficiaries. There are many types of policies which are offered by the pertinent agency but the most common is whole life insurance, term policies.


What is Insurance Premium

Payment to the policy owner may be done either by monthly settlements or in very rare cases, a lump sum is paid. A professional relationship is built between the agent and the customer. The total sum of payment which is agreed upon the selected policy is referred to as a premium.


How Does Life Insurance Work After Death

Whole life insurance is also known as a permanent policy, which is in effect for the entire course of your existence. If incase by time your death occurred before the full premium has been paid, then the remaining sum will be effectively deducted from the cash value. The permanent policy costs higher than the term life insurance due the fluctuations in tax and relevant interest rates in the calculation of a very long period of time. Those who own large properties, have disabled children or have a large family are recommended to sign up for this policy.


Term Life Insurance Policy

A term policy differs greatly from permanent policy due to its fixed time for payment of premium. The policy contract must imbed a specified duration of the benefit at which the insurer might unseemly occurred death. The premium for this policy is usually paid on a monthly basis and the younger you are, the higher the probability of cheaper premium. However, the insurer would have to undergo a complete health check up in order to dismiss any irregularities in his or her health. This policy is not available to those who have terminal diseases. Those who have unsettled debts, working parents with children below 18 and property owners are encouraged to take up this policy.

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